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 I often find myself asking "What makes this entrepreneur tick?" "How did she become successful? What is it I might do to help him to the next level?" Becoming a Group Chair allows me to draw upon years of observations to serve Business owners and executives.

Vistage has a wonderful format that enables members' companies grow 2.2 x faster than their competition. What is it members say about my Chairmanship? "Dick cares about our success and doesn't just show up in the room - he brings productive energy." "Dick is a world-class finance expert that looks at problems in a very unique way."

From the time I was a young man living overseas, military service, graduate school, and my International career, I managed to find myself supporting game-changing leaders. It's likely that I was the one raising my hand to volunteer and this allowed me to innovate solutions to problems that had yet to be solved. Having traveled the world on my own, I believe I could make my way in almost any geography. My love of culture inspires me to pay attention and try new things.

For the first half of my career, I held Executive Officer positions in three industry-leading multinationals: RJ Reynolds, Sea Land Corporation and GlaxoSmithKline. This experience gave me the confidence to come to Texas 29 years ago to co-found an automated systems Marine Terminal Company. As CEO, I had to raise $33 million and secure the customers: AG Giants like ADM, Continental and Dreyfus. The company is still operating; we sold it to the Port of Lake Charles where it serves today as their automated marine terminal. The project was the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and was recognized with the prestigious "Project Finance International Global Award," beating out projects from around the globe.

I am an avid swimmer, an American Archer, Varsity Soccer player and professional skier, having run a ski school at Loring AFB. My lovely wife Neyda and I continue to travel and enjoy our grandchildren.  

*Side note - The crowd favorite is the most dynamic car/driver/team at the race.

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